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  • Contact: Dr Adrian Kelly
  • Admin contact: Miss Jane Duncan
  • Number of places: 80
  • Number of research projects: 50


The selection for entry is made by a panel of Option Organisers representing the different options within our NST Part II course. We have a restricted number of places on the course, which is limited by the number of available and suitable laboratory-based research projects. These projects are allocated to options based on the subject of the research project. On their application forms students are asked to indicate their preferred project options.

At our selection meeting we rank all of the candidates according to a calculated percentage mark for an aggregate of all of their IB subjects (as Pathology IB is not a requirement for entry, we do not give any special weighting to students' performance in this component of the exam). Places on all courses are allocated according to IB exam performance.  Students wishing to do a laboratory based project are likely to need at least the equivalent of a 2.1 in IB.

We usually reject all candidates who have obtained the equivalent of 3rd class or lower marks at IB. In special circumstances (such as illness during exams) we may waive this restriction for a student based on other evidence of academic ability (a subset of IB marks, IA performance or written references from tutors).