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Natural Sciences Tripos


What do my marks mean?

Examiners spend some considerable time in compiling the markbooks sent to Colleges, to ensure that they are useful and informative. The information contained therein, which is usually given to a subject, course or paper level, has been identified as being the best set of meaningful data. Although further information may be retained by the Examiners for a short period after the examinations, it is not thought to be helpful in identifying particular strengths or weaknesses in examination performance.

The markbooks are prepared and retained in line with the Examinations Data Retention Policy for the Tripos. You are advised that requests for a more detailed breakdown of marks would not provide you with any additional sensible information.

Your attention is also drawn to the Marking Schemes used by the Examiners. For Parts IA and IB of the Tripos, your class is more a measure of your relative standing with your peers than an absolute measure of ability. Marks in individual subjects are often moderated to ease comparison across subjects and to aid students and Directors of Studies in determining future courses of study. Some subjects produce their own marking scheme and classing criteria and students should refer to the individual Faculty or Departmental documents which may be found on the relevant website

Mark Checks

You may request a check that the marks which appear on CamSIS have been correctly transcribed from the original markbook by emailing the NST Administrator: .   In order to request a review (or re-mark), see below.

Examination Reviews

Details on how to request an examination review can be found here: