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Natural Sciences Tripos


What if I can't attend the Open Days?

Unfortunately, the two days in July are the only opportunities we formally offer for prospective students to meet with staff to discuss the subjects taught in Natural Sciences. The University does not have a single "Department of Natural Sciences"; instead, a number of Departments contribute various courses which you combine together to form an individual programme. Rather than have individual Open Days for each Department, we bring together all sixteen of them in this one large event.

If you can't make these two days in July, it may still be possible for you to meet informally with members of individual Departments if you contact them directly. Our advice would be:

  •  Have a thorough look at the Natural Sciences website and particularly the individual course websites you think you may be interested in. 
  • Have a think about which Colleges interest you most.
  • Contact those Colleges and arrange to speak to an Admissions Tutor, with the aim of visiting Cambridge and viewing the College. Some Colleges have Open Days on days that might suit you.
  • Ask the Admissions Tutor if they would be able to help in arranging for you to visit with (or meet members of) Departments that interest you. Most Colleges will have a Fellow or College member for each Department.
  • Alternatively, you could contact Departments directly - see the Departmental websites - and arrange visits yourself.