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Natural Sciences Tripos


What are transferable skills?

Simply put, they are the skills you acquire during any activity in your life - and not just your studies - that can be applied in other situations i.e. they are transferable! You can acquire skills through all sorts of activities: employment, projects, volunteer work, hobbies, sports, virtually anything.

The University has identified a number of categories of transferable skills for undergraduate students.

How can studying Natural Sciences help develop transferable skills?

The four types of skills that all undergraduates are expected to develop are:

Other skills which you should develop through reading Natural Sciences are:

All students should develop these through any of the courses of the Natural Sciences Tripos, and particularly through active participation in supervisions and practical classes. Learning how to take effective lecture notes and making good use of library and computing facilities should improve as you progress. If you feel you need further help in developing your skills, you should speak to your College Director of Studies or any of your supervisors.

There is no formal teaching component to help you learn a foreign language in most courses. You will need to use other available University facilities; your College Director of Studies should be able to help you.