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  • Contact: Dr Darerca Owen
  • Admin contact: Heather Platt (
  • Number of places:  47
  • Number of research projects: 40


For Natural Scientists, we take your 3 subject scores in NST IB, add in your IB Biochemistry mark again (i.e., give double weighting to your performance in Biochemistry) and prepare a ranked order of merit based on the 3 subjects plus the Biochemistry mark.  For students taking CDB but not Biochemistry in NST IB, we treat your CDB mark in the same way as the Biochemistry mark.

For Medical and Veterinary students, we will take your IB performance (total) and adjust it to give a total out of 400 (i.e., bring it in line with the NST total) and add this to the ranked order of merit.

For those wishing to proceed to Part III after Part II, additional information together with Entry Requirements can be accessed via the Part III pages.