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The Department currently offers 28 places on its single subject Part II course, which involves a research project, and a further 10 places on Part II BBS, which involves a dissertation. Both routes are open to NST and MVST students. Students will be asked to indicate their preference for either single subject Genetics, or for Part II BBS, when they make their subject choices.

We do not currently interview students for places on the Part II Genetics course. We make every effort to accommodate all those students who put single subject Genetics as their first choice. However, we do reserve the right to investigate the background of students who achieve poor results at Part I, by contacting their Tutor or DoS to obtain an informal assessment. Students whose Part I academic performance suggest that they will struggle in single subject Part II Genetics will be considered for Part II BBS.

If single subject Part II Genetics is oversubscribed, students will be offered the option of doing a genetics course via Part II BBS. If both routes are oversubscribed, we will make our selection on the basis of academic performance in Part IA and Part IB.

Any students not placed after this process will be put on a waiting list, and can be offered a place if any students in the initial cohort drop out.

Further information is available on the Department of Genetics web site