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We try to take everyone who puts HPS down as their first choice, but if we are oversubscribed the decision on which current NST Part IB HPS students we take is based on their examination performance in NST Part IB HPS. For students who have not taken NST Part IB HPS, we arrange for the student to have a brief interview with one of the Department's teaching officers and we ask for a 300-word statement prior to the interview that describes the students' academic background to date and explains why they want to take NST Part II HPS. Students wishing to transfer from other Triposes must also arrange for their current DoS to write a letter of support to the Head of Department, including a breakdown of their examination results.

NST Part II BBS Minor subject - History of Medicine.

We offer 3 single subject papers on History of Medicine: Early Medicine; Modern Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; and Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine. We will try to take everyone who wishes to take these papers, but may restrict the numbers of dissertations if they are very popular.