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  • Contact: Dr Nick Holmes
  • Admin contact: Undergraduate Office (
  • Number of places: 80
  • Number of research projects: 50


Pathology currently offers up to 50 places on its single subject (project) course and an additional 20 places on its part II BBS (dissertation) course.  Both courses offer the same core lecture material, but BBS students study an additional minor subject.   Part II places are allocated to students principally on the basis of their Part IB NST or MVST examination results. 

Usually applicants will have taken MedST/VetST Biology of Disease or NST Biology of Disease at IB.

Students study two options from a choice of Cancer and Genetic Disease (CGD), Immunology, Virology, Microbial and Parasitic Disease or Dynamics of Infectious Disease (DID). All combinations are permissible except CGD and DID.  We ask that students complete a departmental application form to indicate their preference for either single subject or BBS Pathology and to indicate their option choices.  This allows us to determine how many projects and dissertations are required in each option area.   

We make every effort to offer students a place on our single subject (project) course, but if it is oversubscribed students may have the opportunity to study pathology via the BBS route. Students selecting Pathology project preferred in the application process will automatically be considered for BBS Pathology.  Further information on all our courses and an electronic application form are available on the Department of Pathology website: