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  • Contact: Dr Kate Plaisted-Grant
  • Admin contacts: Richard Sellens ()
  • Number of places: 60
  • Number of research projects: 40


The Department of Psychology will accept not more than 60 applicants in total to read the following two courses:

  1. NST Part II Psychology, or
  2. NST Part II Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Major Subject Psychology).

The Department is indifferent to applicants' choices between these two courses, except that the number of available projects is constrained to a maximum of 40, and the total for (a) and (b) must not exceed 60.

NST Part II Psychology is part of the route accredited by the British Psychological Society along with the completion of NST IB Experimental Psychology.   It is therefore the course recommended to those students who plan to enter postgraduate training in professional psychology.

The majority of students will have taken either MVST IB or NST Part IB Experimental Psychology. 

Applicants from NST Part IB and MVST Part IB will be admitted according to their aggregate marks in those examinations. Those wishing to enter NST Part II Psychology after taking NST IB Experimental Psychology will be expected to have completed all the second-year practical requirements in Experimental Psychology.

If the Department is oversubscribed, places are offered on the basis of overall Part IB results without discriminating MVST from NST students. Around the borderline, selection is on an individual basis, in consultation with Directors of Studies. The main criterion will still be Part IB results, taking particular notice of marks in relevant subjects. We hold a waiting list over summer, offering places if an accepted student drops out.