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Data Retention Policy

Examinations Data Retention Policies

The Committee of Management for the Natural Sciences Tripos has produced the following statement in response to the University General Board guidance relating to examinations of taught courses.

Part IA and Part IB of the Tripos

Examinations Data Retention Policy

The following data are retained by Colleges and the Educational and Student Policy Section of the Academic Division of the University:

  • Data: Final Mark Book
  • Retention period: Indefinitely
  • Accessible through: College DoS or Tutor, or NST Secretary

The marks contained in the final mark book include a mark for each subject taken and the overall class. Further information may be routinely released (as part of the markbook) and will include ALL information that the Examiners have determined as being meaningful or helpful as indicators of examination performance.

Other information that is not included in the mark book is considered to be relatively meaningless as an indication of examination performance, given the moderation processes that are used in determining a class by Examiners.Such information may be retained by the Examiners for a period of up to one month after the publication of the class list. Students may apply for this further information according to the relevant Departmental Examinations Data Retention Policy.

Where any automated compiling or processing of marks is used, the results are subsequently deliberated by the Board of Examiners responsible.

Please request data in writing from:

NST Administrator

Jane Clare
Educational and Student Policy
17 Mill Lane
Chairman of Examiners
(Part IA)

Professor Bill Amos
Department of Zoology
Downing Street
Chairman of Examiners
(Part IB)

Dr David Summers
Department of Genetics
Downing Street

Part II and Part III of the Tripos

The examinations in each Part II or Part III subject of the Tripos are run exclusively from the Department responsible for the teaching of that subject. The Committee of Management for the Natural Sciences Tripos have agreed that, for Parts II and III of the Tripos, all responsibility would be devolved to the relevant Department and that they should fully address all concerns relating to those examinations and the format, retention and storing of data.

Students should contact the relevant Department for more information, who should draw up a Departmental Examinations Data Retention Policy for the parts of the Natural Sciences Tripos that they contribute to.

Release of data under this policy does not constitute a subject access request under the Data Protection Act 1998. Requests for access to all other personal data should be directed to:

University Data Protection Officer
The Old Schools
Cambridge CB2 1TN