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Programme Specification: Part II Psychology

This course is taught by the Department of Psychology. There are two options: 1) Part II Psychology (Psychology); 2) Part II Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience).


  1. to provide teaching to students via lecture courses from several areas of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience;
  2. to provide students with freedom of choice to specialise in particular areas;
  3. to provide students with a training in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience which would enable them to subsequently pursue advanced education and/or training in psychology.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students should have:

  1. developed conceptual tools required for analysis of mind, brain and behaviour;
  2. extended their knowledge and understanding of selected topics to the frontiers of research;
  3. gained experience of psychological research and scientific reporting, through the conduct and writing up of a supervised research project;
  4. learnt and exercised techniques of statistical analysis commonly used in experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience;
  5. had the opportunity to develop the skills of literature research, critical review and extended expository writing through preparing a dissertation.

Teaching and Learning Methods

These include lectures, statistical classes, project supervision and supervisions on lecture material.


Assessment for this course is through:

  • four unseen written examinations, based on the content of lecture courses and statistical classes (for aims 1, 2 and 3 and learning outcomes 1, 2 and 4);
  • submission of a practical report of experimental work conducted with the guidance of a supervisor (for aim 3 and learning outcomes 3 and 4);
  • an optional dissertation (for aims 2 and 3 and learning outcomes 1, 2 and 5).

Courses of Preparation

Essential: None, although see Subject Summary for requirements for British Psychological Society accreditation.

Recommended: NST Part IB Experimental Psychology or Part IB of the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos. (NST 1B Neurobiology is also considered sufficient preparation for the Cognitive Neuroscience Option)

Additional Information

Further information on each subject is available in the Subject summary and on the Course Websites pages.