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Course costs

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure that the course costs given below for courses within the Natural Sciences Tripos were accurate at the time of publication. The University reserves the right to review and revise the costs without prior notification and you are advised that their publication here serves only as an indicator of course costs for current and future years. The publication of this information does not form part of any contractual arrangement of costs associated with studying at the University.

General Tripos requirements

A essential University-approved calculator £11
B essential
for some courses
Safety spectacles
approx £10
approx £3
C non-essential books etc., as advised in course documentation at student's discretion
library books are available
D non-essential specialist equipment can be borrowed if necessary

Costs for individual courses

The following courses have direct additional costs to students associated with them:

Part IA Earth Sciences

E essential one-week field course
(Arran: Easter Vacation)

Part IA Evolution and Behaviour

F non-essential one-week field course
(various locations: Easter Vacation)
approximately £50 + travel costs

Part IB Ecology

G non-essential
but highly desirable

10-day field course (limited to 40 places)
(Juniper Hall: Long Vacation prior to course)


10-day field course in Molecular Ecology (limited to 10 places) (Madingley, Cambridge: Long Vacation just before start of Michaelmas Term)


Part IB Geological Sciences A and B

H essential ten-day mapping course
(Cumbria: Long Vacation before course)
I essential two-week field course
(Dorset/Cornwall: Easter Vacation)

Part IB Plant and Microbial Sciences

J non-essential
but highly desirable
one-week field course
(Portugal: Easter Vacation)

Part II Geological Sciences

K essential ten-day mapping course
(Skye: Long Vacation prior to course)
L essential eight-day tectonics field course [same as R]
(Greece: Christmas Vacation)
M essential one-month individual project fieldwork
(Long Vacation prior to course)
any costs above £400
Total cost depends on choice of location

Part II Zoology

N non-essential
but highly desirable
12-day field course
(Holt, Norfolk: Long Vacation prior to course)
may count towards practical assessment component

Part III Geological Sciences

O essential individual project
may involve optional fieldwork costs
any costs associated with optional fieldwork
P essential one-week field course
(Spain: Easter Vacation)

Part III Physics

Q non-essential
part of a Major Topic
eight-day tectonics field course [same as M]
(Greece: Christmas Vacation)