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Experimental Psychology

Programme Specification: Part IB Experimental Psychology

This course is taught by the Department of Psychology.


  1. to introduce students to a broad range of the key topics in experimental psychology and to provide the opportunity to learn about experimental procedures in experimental psychology through practical classes
  2. to prepare students for the NST Part II course in Psychology

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students should possess:

  1. skills of arguing towards theoretical conclusions about mental processes from empirical evidence and a knowledge base from which to argue
  2. an appreciation of the principles of behavioural experimentation, acquired through participation in practical classes (and from videos and films)
  3. skills of scientific reporting, developed through writing practical reports
  4. an thorough understanding of experimental methodology, design and statistical analysis

Teaching and Learning Methods

These include lectures, practical classes and supervisions.


Assessment for this course is through:

  • two unseen three-hour written examinations, and a written practical examination of 90 minutes (for aims 1 and 2 and learning outcomes 1, 2 and 4)
  • submission of five practical reports of work conducted in practical classes (for aims 1 and 2 and learning outcome 3). For each practical report either not received or judged to be unsatisfactory, one-and-a-half percentage marks will be subtracted from the total marks gained in the written papers.

Courses of Preparation

Essential: None

Recommended: None

Additional Information

Further information on each subject is available in the Subject summary and on the Course Websites pages.