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Natural Sciences Tripos


Students may enter Part IA of the Tripos if they have satisfied the criteria for admission specified for the Tripos, and have been admitted to a Cambridge College.

Students take four subjects: three experimental subjects and mathematics taken from the lists below. The choice of mathematical subject is normally based on previous knowledge and the student's aspirations; a Director of Studies will offer firm advice on the most appropriate option.

The links below take you to the individual subject specification, you can also find further information on each subject on the course website.

The information in the links below are correct for 2023-24.

Experimental Subjects


For more information on how the Maths options work visit this page.

Students are expected to attend, for each of the four subjects taken, three lectures, one supervision and an average of three or four hours of practical work during each week of the eight-week terms. College Directors of Studies give further advice on appropriate levels of extracurricular study.