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Natural Sciences Tripos

Students may enter Part II of the Tripos if they have successfully completed Part IB of the Tripos. Students may transfer from another Tripos, providing they have satisfied the criteria for admission specified for the Natural Sciences Tripos and have approval from their College Director of Studies. Many of the subjects offered at Part II require specific knowledge of particular Part IB courses; in some cases, there may be a specific requirement to have studied these courses at Part IB. In addition, there is a restricted number of places on some Part II courses and students compete for a place based on agreed Departmental selection criteria and collaborative procedures.

Students usually choose to specialise in their third year from the subjects outlined below and therefore study one subject in depth.

The information in the links below are correct for 2024-25.

* denotes subjects in which you can continue into a fourth year

Alternatively, students may opt to take a more general course, choosing two subjects from a wider range of topics. These courses allow students to retain a wider breadth of science to a higher level.

Successful completion of the third year leads to the award of a B.A. degree.

Further information on each subject is available on the course website.