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NST Examinations 2020

last modified Apr 02, 2020 10:57 AM

                                            ***NST EXAMINATIONS 2020***


In light of the closure of the University due to the Coronavirus pandemic, examination arrangements will be different in 2020.  

  • All formal IA and IB examinations have been cancelled.  NST Departments will set formative assessment to ensure that students have some feedback on the year's work.
  • Part II and III examinations will be offered in an alternative form.  Each Department will design their own assessment, some of which will be carried out remotely.  All Part II students will have a ‘safety net’ which means that, as long as a graduating undergraduate student passes their assessments, no graduating undergraduate student will receive a class lower than the class which they were awarded in their second year exams.

Students will be informed by the relevant Departments what form their assessment, formative or summative, will take this year.

Information on the University's principles and policies for alternative assessment can be found here.