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Natural Sciences Tripos


These pages are designed to help steer you through your first days and weeks at Cambridge. You will find additional useful information on the other pages of this site - and especially those links relating to Preparing for the first year.

By studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge, you will become a scientist - and not just a physicist, geologist or geneticist. The broad-based course will help you bridge the gaps between traditional boundaries of science. Cambridge has a strong tradition of teaching science in this way - the Tripos has existed in some form or other for well over 100 years. Science constantly changes and develops and therefore the courses that are offered do so as well.

The Natural Sciences course not only gives you the opportunity to select those subjects which most interest you, it allows you to change direction each year if you so wish. In your third year, you would normally choose to focus on one subject only - but the possibility still exists for you to maintain a broad study of the sciences.

You are the next generation of Cambridge scientists and are following a grand tradition of many famous scientists - with more than a few Nobel Laureates.