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The individual courses employ a range of assessment techniques, including unseen written examinations, assessed coursework, experiment write-ups, literature and experimental reports, marked essays, oral examinations and project reports and presentations.

Examiners are appointed separately for each course. In the first and second years of the Tripos (Parts IA and IB) the marks for each course are moderated to ensure a fair and comparable distribution of marks is achieved across each subject. In both IA and IB students are ranked within each subject taken and are awarded a Class based on their subject results.

In the third and, where applicable, fourth years of the course (Part II and Part III), examiners award marks and classes based on marking criteria approved by the relevant course organisers and Faculty Board.

Each major course of the Tripos has identified its aims, learning outcomes, teaching and learning methods, assessment and any prerequisite courses.  These can be found in the subject specifications.

Part IA Subject specifications

Part IB Subject specifications

Part II Subject specifications

Part III Subject specifications