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Students have termly meetings with their College Tutor and Director of Studies to monitor and review their progress in the Tripos. This is facilitated by reports submitted to the Colleges by the student's supervisors on each course. Supervisors normally meet students on a weekly basis.

Each course in the Natural Sciences Tripos has a course management (or teaching) committee, which regularly reviews the content of that course, student feedback and comments from examiners. Students have representation on these committees, either directly or through dedicated staff-student committees.

All Part II and Part III courses and some Part IB courses have external examiners, who are required to submit a report to the University. This is normally responded to by the appropriate Head of Department, or an appointed deputy. The report and response is scrutinised by the General Board's Education Committee.

The Committee of Management for the Natural Sciences Tripos, meets twice termly,and has student representation. It is responsible for the strategic direction along with routine matters of administration and assessment for the Tripos. The structure and philosophy of the Tripos, in the light of developments in the scientific world and other external changes that may affect the teaching of scientific subjects, is kept under review by the Committee of Management for the Natural Sciences Tripos. The Committee is informed by, and in turn informs, the Faculty Boards and comparable bodies who contribute to the teaching of Natural Sciences.

All Departments who teach in the Tripos are reviewed by the General Board once every two years.