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Natural Sciences Tripos


In the first year, you will have a substantial amount of timetabled work. There are twelve hours of lectures each week, four hours of supervisions and probably twelve hours of practical work. On top of that, you will need to prepare for supervisions and practical classes - that's probably another 12 hours. Altogether, this comes to a forty-hour week - just like a full-time job. You can therefore expect to work for a part of most evenings and on weekends.

You will need to develop good time management skills! Reserve the most difficult tasks for those times when you know you work well. Try to stick to a routine to work more effectively and avoid distractions. The trick is to fit your other activities around your academic work - and not the other way round. If you have your work under control, you will be able to enjoy yourself much more than if you are constantly behind and missing deadlines.

Use the Vacations to consolidate the term's work. You should expect to devote a significant part of your Vacation to study, especially the Easter Vacation, which is the start of the run up to exams.

If, at any time, you begin to feel overwhelmed by your workload do contact your Director of Studies.  Help is available!