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Natural Sciences Tripos


** A note on the new allocator system for Oct 2023**

As many of you will know we are in the process of replacing our IA practical allocator.  Our old allocator is inefficient and becoming unusable.  UIS are in the process of developing the new allocator, but due to where we are in the project for October 2023 we will be using a hybrid of the old and new systems.

This means that for October 2023 for College contacts and Students there will be no change to the viewable process.

However, the new allocator will be used in the background in a live scenario to fully test the system, from initial data input to the publication of timetables, with the aim to fully implement it in October 2024.


Initial information on the 2023 IA practical allocation can be found below.

Further information and FAQ's for Colleges can be found here.

IA practical allocation process timetable 2023:

Tues 5 September

Allocation system OPENS so that provisional choices can be entered by College contacts.

College contacts can access the system HERE.

N.B. this applies to students taking the full Natural Sciences Tripos only. Students on other Triposes taking NST papers are allocated manually. The NST coordinator will gather this information from other Tripos admins and Colleges.

Thurs 14 September Deadline for initial provisional choices to be entered. The system will remain live throughout the process so that choices can be changed at any time up until the final deadline.
Mon 2 Oct Students meet with Directors of Studies to discuss final subject choices within the Natural Sciences Tripos.
10.30am  Tue 3 Oct Deadline for entry of subject choices for all students by College contacts.
9am Wed 4 Oct Students informed individually by email about their lecture and practical timetables.
2-5pm Wed 4 Oct NST students attend induction sessions.
Thu 5 Oct Lectures and practical classes start.

Non-NST students or students with differing arrangements:

Please note the allocation system cannot currently accept entries for students from other Triposes who are borrowing NST subject.  The NST Coordinator will gather this information separately either from the department or Colleges.

If you have a student with differing needs, such as a student who needs specific practical slots due to disability access arrangements, religious requirements or a student taking IA over two year and with therefore only be taking two subjects a year, please contact the NST Coordinator.


IA student Induction arrangements:

Information for first year NST students can be found here.

Induction arrangements are to be confirmed for 2023.