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Natural Sciences Tripos


The following policy of penalties for late submission of work has been approved by the Committee of Management for the Natural Sciences Tripos:

For small pieces of work/continually assessed coursework, amounting to no more than 10% of the final examination mark for the subject (i.e. records of practical work, fieldwork and further work) zero marks should be awarded unless the late submission is supported by a letter from the student's Tutor/Director of Studies. The material should be marked as normal where a sufficient reason is produced and supported by the student's Tutor/Director of Studies. Course organisers will be the arbiters of such claims.

For pieces of work for which the submission date is specified in Examination Regulations (Ordinances), the Council is the only body empowered to give leave for extension; in such cases the student, with the support of their College, must make an application to the Exams, Access and Mitigation Committee. Zero marks will be awarded for such pieces of work unless an extension has been agreed by the EAMC.  It is the view of the Committee of Management that this route is an appropriate one for requests for deferment of all coursework which contributes >10% of the final Tripos mark at Part II or Part III level.