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Natural Sciences Tripos


All students are required to register their Departmental preferences on-line through CamSIS.

A number of Part II subjects have restrictions on numbers, due to the amount of laboratory space available. Entry to Part II is therefore subject to certain selection criteria, which are different for each subject. Further details about the selection criteria and the allocation process are posted here and should also be available through your Director of Studies.

Timetable for students

19 Mar 2021 Access to CamSIS activated: students can commence entering their subject preferences.
14 May 2021 Deadline for submission of choices through CamSIS.

If a student wishes to amend his or her choices after this deadline, written confirmation must be sent from their Tutor or Director of Studies to, clearly outlining the changes.


13 July 2021

Students are informed either that they have their first choice or that they are now in Round 2


5pm 13 July - 8.30am 19 July 2021 ROUND 2 ALLOCATIONS

Students who remain unallocated can amend their choices.

9.30am 21 July 2021  Interdepartmental meeting for Biological subjects
Late on 21 July 2021 Students informed of final subject selection
Aug 2021

Students taking Part II Biological and Biomedical Sciences are contacted regarding their choice of Minor Subject